Thursday, December 24, 2009

'One Christmas One Hope'

Performed at Tong Bldg for 'One Christmas One Hope'..very fun.Enjoyed myself during the event.ALL the performers did very well!!!I wish we could perform again!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dinner 09!!!!!

Performance was GREAT yesterday(19/12/09)...Christmas Dinner 09!!!Can't wait for performance tomorrow Tuesday at Tong Bldg near Paragon!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Dinner 2009!!!

I just can't wait for the much anticipated Christmas Dinner 2009!!!I'm dancing in it!Its counted as one of my Big Day!!!


WOOOH!!!Banu's here in Singapore!!!!She came yesterday 11.40pm++...So happy!!!But its sad that I can't spend much time with her due to volleyball..Haizz...Well she would be here in Singapore for 2 months,that's good..LOL...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Navteens 09!!!

Wooooh!!!!Navteens Camp 09 was friggin fun!!!We learnt many things about God.It was very fun!!I met many new friends!I just can't wait for the next Navteens camp!!!!Thank you Lord!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


NO!!!!!Something's wrong with my computer!!!!Don't know what's going on!God please help!Hope my computer "Get's well soon".....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Once again...

Somehow,my senses told me what was going on and what was the truth.... Once again you lied to betrayed me.You cheated me..Atleast you could have told the truth to me instead of lying to me.I would rather hear the truth,than you betray me...


B'boys won Punggol Sec today!If I'm not wrong,I think the set-score is 2-0..Congrats B'boys!!!Jia You!!!!


No!!!!!We lost!!!We lost to Dunman Sec!!!Set-score:2-1..NO!!!!!!Now we are either 3rd or 4th..But we should have won!It was a close fight!We were leading!!!But they caught up and won the 1st set.We were leading the 2nd set(20-9)but they caught up quite close but its good we won the 2nd set..So there was a 3rd set..We were leading too!!But in the end they caught up and won us!!!NO!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mat edit 2......

haha...did another edit of Mat.


Spiked a good ball in B'Boy's net today!And won a point!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hope its a 'yes'......................

Mat edit....

haha!!!Edited Mat-thew's pics...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


B'boys won Chong Boon today!!!Congrats B'boys.Hope they can get the championships!Jia You B'boys!!!All the best!!!1


We won Chong Boon today!!!Set-score:2-0...We're in the Quarter Finals...against Dunman Sec.Hope we win,hope God can make a miracle among us that we may win and qualify for the finals!!!


Woah!!!Saw a cool lime green Lamborghini(I think its either a Gallardo or a Murcielago) on the way to Jurong West Sports Hall...

Mat-thew sleeping in the bus...

Haha!!!!Mat-thew dozing of in the bus on the way to Jurong West Sports Hall.............

Friday, November 13, 2009


Well it's ok C'girls.Don't keep on thinking about your loss.It's ok.Well atleast try your best next year!


Yay!B'boys won again!All the best B'boys!!Set-score:2-0..Jia You B'boys!!!!

Got my award today!Subject award.Best in tamil language!So glad!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I spiked TWO GOOD BALLS TODAY!!!!So happy for myself!!!Today we played against the B'girls.We won the first set but lost the 2nd set.I spiked a good ball in the 2nd set...I lost points in the match.Have to admit,Stella was smart to hit in the corner which I could not cover well and I lost two points..I should have done the roll.But I wish I was


It was a tough fight against Bukit Panjang today!But in the end we still won.So far they were the hardest opponents for us.The game was very exciting.It was a 23-23 situation.But we still won.Set-score:2-0.So happy!During the spiking practice before the match,I spiked a good ball(After a long time).And the next ball which I spiked hit the MAT liberal's head(who was standing just behind the 3m line) funny!Jia You C'boys!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Congrats to the B'girls on their victory.Proud of them.Hope they get champion.All the best B'girls!!Jia You!!!!


B'boys won again...Congrats to them.I heard that they thrashed the opponents below 5.All the best for their upcoming matches..Jia You B'Boys!!!!


I lost my white jersey which I was supposed to wear yesterday against Sembawang, plus i was 1and 1/2 hour late for training!I was SO anxious!!So I had no choice but to wear my blue jersey.Ms Teo asked,"Why are you wearing this jersey?Why not the white one?".In reply I answered,"My mom put it to wash."That's what I thought that happened.But to my horror when I asked my parents about it,they said they didn't see any white jersey.Then only I realised that I left my jersey in the school hall.I went to school early to search for my jersey.Thank God,it was in the hall.Later on,Ms Teo asked,"Aaron where is your white jersey?".I answered"It's in my bag."Then only Ms Teo told me that Bryan found the jersey on the eve of the match day and gave it to Ms Teo.Actually Ms Teo wanted to throw my jersey in the dustbin,but she threw it under the stage(that's where I found it).Then I had to face the music.I wanted to apologise,but there was no 'right time' to apologise for she was in a bad mood today.I hope she forgives me.......


We won Sembawang!!!No..wait,WE THRASHED THEM!!!!Hehe..each set,they scored below 5.Set-score:2-0.The Sembacwang players were trembling when they were playing.They were very scared!!Well I hope we can win tmr's match!!Jia You!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Finally Ms Teo praised me on my spiking!!!I'm glad she realised that I listen to her when she's talking..I'm also happy that Ms Teo realised that I'm trying to glad!


Woohoo!!!B'boys won again..set score:2-0...but according to Ms Teo B'boys didn't play well...Aiyah!Don't need to talk about them la!They confirm Champion la!Jai You B'Boys!!!!


Yeah!!!We won Clementi Woods!!!We thrashed them 5 and below!!Set score:2-0!!!Well I hope we can win Sembawang tmr!!Jia You!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009 did it for fun!!!


haha...this looks more cool!

MSN rox!!!!

Haha...a change of mind, MSN rocks.Somehow amazingly I got the updated version of Windows Live Messenger..well I think it's my dad who is the who downloaded it for he is the administrator..Well I really thank God for it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Very proud of the B'girls for they won all the way but lost to sadly lost to Cedar Girls...jia you girls...hope they can win the upcoming matches(if there's any)...till then,all the best girls...


haha...did it for fun!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Woah!!!I was so freaked out when i realised that my blue jersey was MIA,and we are supposed to wear it this coming Monday for the tournament..I searched every part in my room,but it was still missing....I was totally freaked out and anxious.Then,it came to my mind to check the washing-machine...and surprisingly IT WAS INSIDE THE WASHING-MACHINE!I was so relieved..Thank God I was able to find my jersey or else I'll be dead meat...


AAHHHH!!!!my mum is seriously pissin my off!!!!SUCH A NUISANCE!!!!!i seriously HATE her when she pisses me off!!!Damn i hate it...its full BULLSHIT!!!!!!My MUM is SO FREAKING ANNOYING!!!!!!

MSN SUX!!!!1

Damn...msn seriously sux to the core man!!!!Just because I don't have a administrator account in my computer,i can't download the latest version of msn....and worst thing is.....I CAN'T CHAT WITHOUT THE LATEST VERSION OF THE DAMN MSN!!!!they say I can't log in to my msn for I do not have the latest version of msn...AHHHHHH!!!!!I SERIOUSLY HATE MSN!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Once again SHSS C'girls did us proud by winning in today's match...hope they can sustain through the finals..well if its possible I hope they can get the Championship Trophy....All the best girls!!!!!!


Woohh!!!!SHSS B'boys THRASHED VS today!!I'm SO proud of my seniors,Ben's spiking Freaking nice!!!!but unfortunately he didn't do his jumpserve due to space constrain...but still they won and made SHSS proud..All my seniors on the court did very well[Ben,Abel,Andy,Chi Yu,Kevin,Zheng Han]................

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Congrats C'girls

Well,congrats to the C'girls for winning today's match..very proud of them.Hope they improve and become better!Jia You for them...hope they win the upcoming matches to.......ALL THE BEST C'GIRLS!!!!!!!

We Won!!!!!!!

Woohoo!!!!!We won against Hwa Chong(although I didn't play),but i'm so proud of my teammates who fought hard...set score:2-0.but according to Ms Teo team 1 didn't play well as what our seniors did when they were C'boys....i hope we can somehow pull through to the finals..if possible,i hope God creates a miracle among us,that we can the championship.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Aarghh!!!!Tmr U13 against Hwa Chong!!!!Wah!!!!!my seniors said they were gd....wonder if we can win?!We die die must win them..or else get kicked out from U13...arghhh so sian...Hope we win...